Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Vegas, Vegas, Here We Come!

The time off has been booked, the flights have been booked, and our hotel is arranged; we're goin to Vegas!
My friend Leah (former twin sister from Smithers) is getting hitched in Vegas in April and she invited us! So we searched and searched and found a reasonable deal. The difficult part was definitely that we`re going down over a weekend. I hear the deals are just ridiculous if you travel during the week, but we think we did pretty good for a Thursday-Monday deal.
We`ve booked at the Stratosphere and opted to pay the extra .73 per night for a room with a view (14th floor or higher). We're there for four nights and essentially three full days (plus Thursday evening) and other than Leah's wedding, we have no idea what we'll do while we're there, but I'm definitely extremely excited about it! Maybe that's why I'm still awake at 12:19 on a work night?
Now the only question is what to do with Ollie while we're gone. Mum, wanna come puppysit? :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Blog Interupted... fog. A thick fog descended upon Swift Current this week, coating the trees, houses, car antennas, and anything not moving under it's own free will with hoar frost. Sure it looks pretty, but hoar frost on power lines means power goes out. On Wednesday and Thursday I can say without exaggeration that the power went out more than a dozen times. So, the computer stayed off.
I went for physio on Wednesday morning and while I was standing there waiting for my appointment to begin one of the "good ol' boys" came in and, as sacred tradition for said Good Ol Boys Club mandates, commented on the weather.
Here is the conversation:
Good Ol Boy: "Some fog, huh? Well, you know what this 90 days it'll rain. Good news for the farmers."
Receptionist: "Really? Fog means rain in 90 days?"
Good Ol Boy: "That's what they say...either that or wind"
Hmmmm, so what we've learned from this exchange is that fog is a surefire way to predict that in 90 days there will be either rain or wind. In Saskatchewan. Rain. Or Wind. So if it doesn't rain, it'll definitely be windy. Huh. You don't say. And people scoff at superstition.

Pictures from the Past Month or So

Since I've been away from the blog for so long, I thought rather than write a summary of everything that's happened in the past few months, I would just post some photos with some captions.

Brad, Me, Ollie, Mum, Da, and Gus on a walkie down to Riverside (aptly named due to it following the Bulkley River)


Mum and Brad with the dogs

Of course, we decided to go up the ski hill on the foggiest day of the week. It was hard to see more than a meter in front of your nose at the worst of it, but we still very much enjoyed the day and the snow was fantastic!

Me (the first time I willingly wore goggles and found them remotely comfortable), Christi, Frank and Brad.

Frank and Christi being nauseatingly cute on the chairlift

In the Chalet after the runs. Hot Chocolate and Tea never tasted so good!

Supper at the Williams table (with some Gieslliams' and a Mulder)
Totally out of order, but this is me and Vassy in Drumheller as we drove from Calgary to Saskatoon. Vassy was in total disbelief when I told her that Drumheller has many many dinosaur statues decorating the town. So we stopped at one and took some photos so her parents would believe her. we didn't get a photo with the biggest one though as we were already on our way out of town and there was some road construction. (It was a gigantic T-Rex wearing red Olympic mitts. FYI)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Return to Blogging!

That's right, I'm back! It's only mid February and my second post of the year, what's the big deal?
The reason for my hiatus has been a mix of travel (to Calgary, Saskatoon, Smithers, and Regina), family related things, and a decomposing computer. Really, the excuse lies mostly with the latter reason.
My computer, fyi, was more or less the same one that my parents gave to me on my 18th birthday. It's had some parts replaced and upgraded, but for better or worse, the thing is just about 10 years old. For your horror, I'll tell you that the operating system (Windows XP) was running on a 10GB drive. As time went on I found myself deleting other programs just so it could run.
But yesterday Brad and I went out and purchased ourselves a nice shiny new one! By no means top of the line, but as I pointed out to Brad, at this point ANYTHING is a huge upgrade. And (surprise surprise) I was right! Where my old model sounded like I was operating an airnailer when it was thinking, this one is whisper quiet. The previous model would take a solid 5 minutes to start up, and this one is running in about 10 seconds. We didn't go for the 1 terabyte hard drive, but I think 500GB is far superior to 10, wouldn't you agree?
In all fairness, my computer did me well, it lasted through about a dozen moves, two years of College, and 9.5 years or blogging, gaming, photo editing, and general nonsense. A service will be held later this month.
So, the blog is back and I'll be posting photos from Smithers asap!