Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Well, it seems most of my posts revolve around knitting...but, well, most of my time is spent divided between yoga and knitting. Since I don't have any photos of yoga, it looks like knitting is my topic of choice for the time being. Also, I'm pretty pleased with my progress! 
First, I tackled the leaf cuddler.  It was actually much easier than I anticipated and I'm happy with the finished product.  I think I'll make some alterations; the pattern is a bit loose on my mug, but I like the challenge of having to make changes to a pattern.

After the leaf cuddler, I learned how to cable knit and took on a toque.  It's partially alpaca, and so it's super cozy. Despite screwing up the pattern several times, ripping out everything I did a couple of times, I finished it!  I would actually make another with this pattern.  It was fun and I dig the end design.

I tinkered around with some patterns of my own design, but then tried an infinity scarf.  This pattern was super easy, but the end result is fun and REALLY forgiving!  Ha!  You can hardly tell that I effectively screwed up the first 2 inches!

I'm getting very speedy with my knitting these days...I started this toque on my lunch break, then did a few rounds after work (before yoga) and finished it up this evening.  In all fairness, the pattern difficulty was labelled as "easy peasy" (which just further encouraged me to do it...afterall, the designer and myself are clearly on the same wavelength and share a vocabulary!) .  I think the yarn I used was too thick, but I like the finished product.  Here's hoping the weather will remain mild and I won't need to wear it!

So...what's next?  I think I'm going to tackle a sweater.  We'll see how THAT goes!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Take THAT, Winter!

Well, it's official! Brad and I have booked out first hot holiday together! In just a short while (yeah, as if I'm going to post on the internet when we are going to be out of the country and away from our house!) we'll be flying from Calgary to Santa Clara airport for a week in Santa Maria! I pulled some photos from our resort website, the Memories Azul, and superimposed myself so you can see what it will be like for me to be in Cuba. Also, so you too may drool in envy at the powdered sugar beaches and crystal clear ocean!



Why, it's like I'm there already!!