Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ode to an eReader

It's been 2 years since I got my first eReader, a Kobo Original (back when it was just referred to as a "Kobo").  This spring I decided to upgrade.  My Kobo has served me very very well, I've read dozens of books on it and greatly enjoyed the experience.  But ereaders have come a long way and Kobo has stopped putting out firmware upgrades for the Original.  It was slow to start up, slow to load a book, and the dictionary was hit and miss as to what books it would work on.  
With Mothers day approaching, Chapters put their Kobo Touch reader on sale for $99!  That's a heck of a good deal (way back when, my original was 149!).  Mum bought herself a touch, but I had my eyes trained on the Sony PRS-T1 Reader.  There really isn't much that's different from the Kobo Touch, I preferred some of the functions and the UI (a fancy-dancy term I learned from my research that means "User Interface").  I really liked the kobo touch, but I just preferred the Sony.  So, after some mighty persistence and haggling I managed to get a really sweet deal on one at Shoppers Drug Mart!  I had a heck of a time finding one because, of course, I just had to be different and wanted a white one, instead of the black units that everyone seems to carry.  But, I did it!  I got my ereader 1 week ago!

Here is a comparison with my Kobo

Then came the search for a cover.  Most of the covers available on the market are for the Kindle Touch or the Kobo Touch, which are conveniently exactly the same size. The Sony, inconveniently, is not.  It is about a cm taller and a cm narrower.  So finding a case that worked well was a big challenge.  Yesterday morning, however, Mare randomly emailed me a link to a page on Amazon with the caption "u need to own this."

I looked it up and realized it was exactly what I was looking for!  The Kindle Fire size case is a bit big, but since it zips all around, it works quite well.  I put express shipping on it and it arrived today!
WOOT!  (or should I say "HOOT!) 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Bedpans, Vasectomies and Panic Buttons?

This weekend I took the charm bracelet I was given at 16 in to the jeweller to get some of the charms soldered on. I've seen people wearing Pandora charm bracelets here and there and they got me thinking how much I like charm bracelets and so I decided to once again bust out my bracelet.  Dropping off my bracelet made me start to wonder what kinds of charms are out there, so I started looking.  The first I saw was this:
The silver charm, by Rembrandt, is called Vasectomy.  Yup.  'nuff said. 

I started looking around further and was exploring the "profession" section and saw this:
Can you guess what this one is?  Yes, it sure is.  A Bedpan.  Who would want a bedpan hanging from their bracelet?  Or necklace?  That being said, I understand they are able to make any of the charms into cuff links, and I know a few guys who would probably enjoy some bedpan cuff links.... it still makes me wonder about the person who designed this one.  Also, I know some people who I might buy this for as a gift...

And then there's this:

 Panic Button.  I can't actually say anything bad about this one. I would totally rock this charm.  Who doesn't want/need a Panic Button??
These are all on and I did order one actually: