Saturday, October 17, 2009

It just slipped out...

It was one of those moments where I was thinking it and thinking it and thinking it and then suddenly realized I had actually spoken.
Brad and I went to see The Invention of Lying. The theatre wasn't very busy, but there were a few crowds of people scattered around, inluding two groups of teenage girls. They were giggly and a bit disruptive a few times but very briefly so I wasn't terribly bothered. Towards the end, however, I suppose their little girl brains became bored with the movie and they started making comments and laughing and talking quite loudly. I was becoming more and more annoyed and thinking ...well, a number of things, but the main one that kept resurfacing was "You're not at home; please be quiet". It went through my thoughts again and again and suddenly I realized that I was hearing myself actually saying it out loud in the theatre. The talking stopped immediately. I did see one head in the row in front of ours turn around and glance at me, but she didn't look like she and her friend were part of the crowd of adolescents. I wasn't sure though, if she was looking accusingly or not.
After the movie though, she and her friend came up to me and thanked me for speaking up. They said when the girls sat down in front of them she had said to her friend "oh great, we're behind the dumb blondes who are going to talk the whole time" and that they were glad I said something.
Brad said later he was a bit shocked when he heard me and I admitted I was too. At least I was polite and said "please".

Friday, October 09, 2009

I'm ok with this

So it snowed yesterday. I spent the whole day in blatant denial of it, telling people I was quite content with the lovely sunny day and 30 degree weather we were experiencing (the manager of our Mental Health department, clearly decided I was off my rocker, offered me some drugs...but didn't follow through when I said yes please...tease). Everyone's insistance that it was, in fact, snowing had begun to wear on me, but this morning when I looked outside and saw a thin layer over the lawn and clinging to the trees I remembered why I don't always hate winter. There's something really beautiful about the morning after snow and the way it makes everything look brighter. I've come to terms with the snow today. That being said, I also haven't had to go outside and scrape off my car before being able to drive it. My opinion may change.