Thursday, March 18, 2010

Big Bike

In May I will be one of these smiling people riding the Big Bike for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Heart and Stroke is one of the organizations that I never hesitate to donate to and when I found out the Regional Office where I work was starting a team, "the Taj Mahaulers" (the building we work in has been refered to as the Taj Mahal since it was renovated probably about 10 years ago...not because it's really nice, but because everyone thought it was a waste of money). I get the opportunity to ride a giant bike around town and look like a fool? Um, CLEARLY!!
We're having a competition with another Health Region facility and the team to raise the least money will have to wear stupid hats. While I will do some active fundraising, I am secretly hoping the other team raises more...silly hats doesn't sound like a punishment to me. :)
So, now comes the good part, the part where I hit you up for money! Mwahahahaha! If you would like to sponsor me and donate to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, you can click on this link: which will take you to my team page and you can sponsor me.
Thanks so much!!