Saturday, December 10, 2011


Things have been happening in my life, but due to the busy-ness, I don't ever seem to have time to blog them. Sigh. I've recently uploaded the photos from my camera to my computer and have about 15 minutes which I can dedicate to blogging, so here goes!
First off, two weeks ago I was in Halifax (go figure!). I had a really great time walking around the city. It really is beautiful and has so much character. The weather was cold, rainy and blowy on Wednesday, but I went out for a walk anyway to take some photos. The rest of the week had gorgeous weather! We became so spoiled though, that coming back to cold, snow and sleet was a rude awakening. Ugh. Hello again, Winter. On Thursday night myself, Rachel and Maureen went to the Neptune Theatre to see a live performance of the Jungle Book. It was a ton of fun with fantastic costumes, ridiculously catchy songs ("friend of the jungle!" LOL!) and truly fantastic sets!
On my last day in the city, Maureen took me to the Sweet Hereafter, a Cheesecake cafe. Yes, that's right. Could a place have been created that is more suited to me??? It was fantastic! She had a groupon that got us two pieces of cheesecake (I had chocolate Irish cream) and two coffees. It may have been my lunch.
This was my third trip to the Maritimes and, as I was saying while I was there, I have yet to have a bad experience. Beautiful cities, the friendliest people. gorgeous weather...what's not to love?