Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cat in Dog's Clothing?

I began to wonder if I had accidentally brought home a cat, simply dressed as a dog. Yesterday afternoon I was stretched out on the couch when Oliver hopped up, climbed on top of the back cushions and curled up in the corner, perched precariously on the back of the couch. He then promptly fell asleep. Had there been a big pool of sunlight on the couch I would have been more suspicious. Perhaps I'm mistaken and he's actually a mountain goat, cleverly disguised as a puppy?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

At the Carwash

I went to the carwash today. When I was little, going through the automatic car wash was always a thrill (the different coloured foam was somehow more magical as a child). Today I took the CKSW Cruiser through the car wash.
As I pulled forward and the initial hard spray of water doused the undercarriage and sprayed along the windshield, I had to squint to see through the shower to the sign that says "Drive Forward". Luckily it's green, so I could at least go by colour if not words. Then the whole washing process began.
To the right of the vehicle was a big light-up board that displayed the various stages of the wash. The funny thing about it was that as the soap was covering the windshield, followed by the torrent of pressure washer water, followed by the "spot free rinse" and the multi-coloured foam whose purpose i'm not really sure of, I realized there was absolutely no way I could possibly read the light-up board. I had no idea whether the Laserwash was done and we were on to the clear protector coat, or whether it was time for the spot-free rinse. Why do they bother displaying the stages if no one can see through their windows to read it? Sure I could turn on the windshield wipers, but there's a big sign that says not to! Maybe it's just there to prevent patrons from getting bored by ensuring they have something challenging to do while waiting.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Oliver Comes Home

What a weekend! Brad and I went out to Caronport on Sunday to see a westiepoo I had found on an on-line classified ad. He was 6 months old and had been returned to the breeder from his first family because they found he was a bit much for them. This would normally sound a warning for me, except the reason they found him to be a bit much was because they already had SIX children under the age of nine. Clearly they were feeling a they adopted the little guy. Either that or they were right out of their minds. Anyway, we went out to see him and (surprise, surprise) I fell madly in love with his waggy tail and loving eyes. So we went into Moose Jaw to grab some supplies and came back to take our little guy home.
He was a little antsy for the first 20 minutes of the drive, but after that he laid down on my lap and fell asleep for the rest of the way.
On the drive home we decided his name was definitely Oliver (not Rambo as the previous 6-child-family had called him).
The first night we put him in his kennel in the bedroom and he cried a couple of times and let two little whimpers out, but then fell right asleep without another peep. He was less content to be put in his kennel yesterday when we went out to do some errands, but we were strong and ignored the yips and whining. And apparently absense does make the heart grow fonder because when I came home he was about as happy as could be to see me. Funny little guy.
Ben and Brenda came by to meet him and brought a bag full of goodies for the "newest member of the family". He was so well behaved, sniffing them, giving a few kisses, and then laying down to watch what was going on around him.
Last night Brad and I watched a movie and he fell asleep at our feel, and then on the couch, and finally in his dog bed, so I thought it would be a piece of cake to put him in his kennel and go to bed. Wrong. He cried, he whined, he yipped, and paced, he scratched. Finally we determined that perhaps he had to pee, so I took him out where he did his business and then came in pleased as punch with himself. Then he made a huge stink about going back into the kennel, pulling back, going to Brad, looking at both of us like we had suddenly betrayed him, like we were sending him into the abyss. Finally we got him to go back in and sit with the door open, looking at us with those heartbreaking eyes. He came out after a few minutes and we sent him back in with a treat this time. I closed the door and covered the kennel with a towel so he wouldn't be able to see out (the breeder had done that too so he should have been used to it). Then he made a big song and dance about the tragedy that is his little life. But Brad and I laid stoicly in the dark, in total silence for fear that making a noise would only encourage his whining and barking. Just when we were sure the neighbours would call the police on us for a noise disturbance (though I think that's a bit of the pot calling the kettle black) he settled down with a big sigh and a thump and was silent. I reached out and squeezed Brad's hand in silent victory.
I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty tired today. It was about midnight before I fell asleep and I woke about every hour (all three of them) until my alarms went off. I'm not looking my most shining today either. In my efforts to not wake up Oliver this morning when getting ready for work, I grabbed all of my clothes in the dark, hoping for the best. I think a nap is in order this afternoon. Luckily, he's usually ok with that plan too.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Where did THAT come from?

Yesterday, being the hot hot day that it was, Vassy and I went to TCBY for frozen yogurt and then walked to her house. We were about halfway there when our lovely sunny hot evening turned terrible.
The wind picked up.
And the wind picked up THINGS.
It effortlessly whipped sand, dirt, gravel, leaves, pine cones, and anything that wasn't secured to the ground at the city. We squinted against the wall of dirt that was stinging (and exfoliating) our faces, and tried in vain to keep the hair out of our mouths, and ground our teeth on the sand in our mouths. We ducked into the Library for a pause. For all that it hurt and was awful to get caught in a windstorm, I found it horribly amusing and was worried I'd laugh till I peed if I wasn't careful. We peered out the doors and decided it wasn't going to get any better any time soon, so off we went again, leaning into the wind, covering our faces, and laughing hysterically.
When we made it to Vassy's place, she offered me a ride home. I hopped in the car and made a feeble attempt to straighten my hair, pulling out leaves and bits of dirt as I did.
I just have one question: Where did that come from?!

Monday, August 18, 2008


It was looking like a lovely hot weekend, so Brad and I decided it was time to head out to Cypress for another weekend of camping.
aturday we went for a walk around the lake

Saturday night we hit the Mini Golf course for the second annual Cypress Hills Mini Golf Classic. Brad won again, but this time it was only by 1. I'm biding my time until next year's tournament when I will definitely give him a whoopin!

Then we went for a drive around the park

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Now then...where did summer go?

I'm convinced the rainy weather is a result of everyone declaring summer "over". What kind of ridiculous pesimistic nonsense is that?! Summer is not, in fact, over. It is only the middle of August. That means at least two more weeks, maybe more. Once the rain goes away, that is.
It can't be over anyway; we have a deck that needs to be sat on and enjoyed! Brad has worked really hard to get the side of the house all cleared and levelled. Ben came over and helped build the frame of the deck, and helped to level and secure it and get things started with laying the decking. Then it was all Brad; cutting, measuring, securing. And now we have a lovely deck to sit on and enjoy the summer. That's right, SUMMER. It IS still summer!

Monday, August 11, 2008

I see London, I see France...

...and anyone who cared to look this morning would have seen my underpants for sure. It wasn't until 4 hours into my shift that I noticed the gaping hold in my shorts this morning. And when I say gaping, I mean the Grand Canyon of tears. So I guess it's a testament to the sensitivity of my coworkers for not noticing that I was teetering on the verge of humiliation all morning. I ran home as soon as I noticed. But the rest of the day will be spent in a state of minor paranoia that my derriere is once again on display to the world.

Thursday, August 07, 2008


So here are a select few photos from my vacation to see Mare:
Mare and Me: at our fave restaurant! Go BP's!!
Mare took me to Michaels in Kelowna. This is one of many scrapbooking aisles. I couldn't even allow myself to look around. We went straight for the clearance aisle instead where I bought a scrapbook and three sets of stickers. It satiated my need to buy supplies.
Mare and I in front of Audrey II at Little Shop of Horrors on Friday night. It was incredible! The performers were fantastic, the show was tons of fun, and Mare and I were dancing along in our seats (I had to restrain myself from getting up and singing along)!
Anna, Mare, Me, and little Hassin at Skaha. Beautiful day, beautiful beach...awesome all around!
Shan, Mare, Me, and Anna at the Hooded Merganser for Mare's birthday supper. We were lucky enough to have seats on the patio which was right over the water. We later went to the Barking Parrot for some more drinks and dancing.
~Mare took me and Shan up to Pine Hills; the future setting of her wedding reception! The view was absolutely incredible!
Later on Monday, we went to Okanagan Lake and played in the water
Me, Mare, and Jer on the beach, soaking up some glorious sun on Monday afternoon before going for supper and then back to the beach to watch the sun go down.
Thank you so much to Mare and Jer for putting up with me and my stunning klutziness (I don't know what happened to me!) for the week. It was an amazing week and I can't wait to scrapbook it! Hahaha!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Best Vacation Ever!

Here I am back in Swifty. The vacay to Penticton and my dear Mare was amazing! I had such a hard time leaving. Everything from missing our very first turn-off on the road trip from Salmon Arm, to dropping sponges and cards behind furniture, to the hours and hours of shopping, and the Chocolate Martinis and dancing at the Parrot, to chowing on cheesecake and watching movies, to being the only ones singing along to Little Shop of Horrors, to nearly dying on the Salt-and-Pepper-Shakers (really, they're actually quite safe!), to hours on the beach. It was amazing and there will be many many pictures to come. It was so hard to leave yesterday (even though the tears didn't come until later in the Vancouver Airport). I miss you Mare.