Saturday, November 20, 2010


Mare is officially comng to visit! It's been three years since she's been to Swift Current and will be coming to stay on February 16th! Sha-na-woot!! She will be the official first guest of Chateau Giesliams since we renovated. We decided that the flights would be our Christmas prezzies to each other and what could be a better prezzie from one's best friend than to have her visit for 6 days during which all we will do is scrapbook, shop, watch chick-flicks, and wear comfy pants? Merry Christmas to me!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Halifax 2.0

This year I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to go to Halifax for a career fair. The weather was fantastic (especially coming from -12 in Regina when I left) and I'm a big fan of the east coast. I stayed with Maureen to start with though she was unfortuantely (for me) called to work in Nevada to learn how to do some sort of underground geology stuff (that was all I was able to understand from her explanation. Whoosh...over my head!). We had Saturday to spend and went around Point Pleasant and the water front, but her flight left early Sunday morning so I was left with Sunday to myself. What does one do in the Maritimes on a gorgeous Sunday? Why, one drives around looking for the World's Largest roadside attractions, of course!

On the boardwalk in Halifax
~ This is not a "world's largest" but it is a pretty freakin big anchor!
~ A big wave in Halifax at the waterfront

The World's Largest Blueberry in Oxford, NS - self proclaimed Blueberry Capital of Canada!

World's Largest Lobster in Shediac, NB - the Lobster Capital of Canada
A big freakin Rooster in Shediac, NB. It's advertising for fried chicken.
The World's Largest Silver Fox in Salisbury, NB - Home of the Silver Fox
My last stop was at the World's Largest Axe in Nackawic NB - Home of the World's Largest Axe.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Another Halloween came with Brad and I scratching our heads as to what to dress up as. In a last minute trip to WalMart we found our inspiration: plastic skull necklaces. We would be Cannibals! So we gathered some props, shredded some sheets (fyi, it is impossible to find animal print sheets in Swift Current), and painted our faces ferociously. I hot glued a piece of bone to an old nose screw and put it through my nose ring hole for a final touch.

One More Window

On Saturday Brad, his Dad, and Nick spent a good portion of the day installing our new bay window! It looked like a ton of work and they did a marvelous job!