Sunday, January 30, 2011

Look at me and my fancy credentials!

I had the opportunity to take a course through the Institute of Professional Management to teach the finer points of recruitment. Being that I am a recruiter by day (scrapbooker by night?), I thought it would be beneficial, so I signed up and took the 20 hour on-line course. Granted, I received the CD-Rom in the mail in June and didn't put my nose to the grindstone until November. Regardless, the course took less than the promised 20 hours and I sent off my final exam to the institute for grading and acceptance into my official professional association! I received an email in December that I had passed, but my certificate officially arrived in the mail this month! That's right, I'm now officially a Registered Professional Recruiter, with the fancy letters RPR after my name! Hey, it may not PhD, but I'm pretty proud. See?

Christmas...more than a month late, but whatever!

The risks of this blog becoming nothing more than a photo album are far outweighed by my desire to post photos. So, I'm posting pictures from our Christmas holidays.
We drove the 20 hours to Smithers on December 17th and 18th to spend Christmas with my family (the first in four years, I might add).
During the stay, I baked 45 butter tarts, made over 120 perogies from scratch, showed my Mum the joys of embossing, relaxed, drank gallons of tea, went cross country skiing with Carly (Carly: "I thought we'd do the 5k track." Me: "Sure, sounds good!" Me, inwardly 30 mintues into it: 'Oh dear god, I'm going to die!' Carly: "Just three big hills to go" Me: "you mean the last ones don't count?" inwardly again: 'I'm DEFINITELY going to die'), went up the hill for an afternoon, visited with Maureen and Barry and had the chance to see other friends, played wii, learned that I am pretty much a master when it comes to Settles of Catan, and taught Brad the joys of a game of rummoli!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Hello, My name is Judy Jetson

For Christmas this year Santa brought Brad and I a Roomba. We are now the proud new owners of a robot vacuum. The first time we set it up to run, Brad and I were in the kitchen making supper and Brad asked if I ever thought I would own a robot vacuum. "This is Jetson's stuff, right here!" he declared. I agreed and said it was about time. I want to know where my flying car is, but for the time being, having a robot doing the dirty work around the house will suffice. When the Roomba first became popular, I recall wondering about the brand name: IRobot. I believe they first climbed the stairway to popularity following the Will Smith movie "I, Robot" and it crossed my mind at the time that this was perhaps not the greatest time to really push a new product to the masses. Please, buy our robot vacuum of the same name as the movie about servant robots that revolt and attempt to bring down humanity. Hmmm... I don't know which came first, but the irobot Roomba has stuck around, and it's clear why. Regardless of the ever-present fear of a robot insurrection, I delight in the little circular bot puttering around my living room cleaning up after my slovenly ways while I lounge on the chaise eating bonbons and watching soaps with curlers in my hair...or something.