Friday, May 27, 2011

All Growed Up!

I'm feeling all grown up and mature as of last night. That's right, we (finally) have a grown up bed frame! I had painted one wall in the bedroom last weekend in preparation and it looks pretty spiffy, even if I do say so myself. haha! I love what a coat of paint can do for a room. So here are the pictures!


Ollie is so helpful!
~ The finished product!

Now THAT'S High Tech!

Pirates of teh Caribbean 43D! And you thought 3D glasses were uncomfortable!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Minor Home Improvements

With spring settling in (finally) and the knowledge that snow will not (likely) be falling again for a few months, Brad and I took to the outdoors and started working on some landscaping. I have no trouble figuring out what will look great in room in a house, but when it comes to a yard I am at a total loss. I mean COMPLETE and total loss. So I rely on Brad's ideas and inspiration to make our yard lovely. We decided a long time ago that the front yard needed a tree (after we tore down the sad and dying evergreens when we moved in). The year after removing the evergreens we planted a small amur cherry tree. It was growing quiet well and then suddenly died. We think the soil was too acidic from the pine needles. As it's been 2 years since then we hope that the problem is no longer an issue and optimistically planted again. This time we went with a Golden Eclipse Lilac tree. Brad wanted to create a raised planter in the front yard for this tree, so we bought some cindercrete retaining wall bricks and he built the planter.

I am demonstrating what a tree will look like in the spot we picked out

And this is what the tree actually looks like.

We packed in quite a lot of potting soil and black earth. Should manage alright. Here's hoping!

It was a very successful and productive weekend so far. Still to come: photos of the bedroom makeover. I'm still waiting for our bed frame though (sigh). When it's all done, I'll post some pics.