Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Vapid Blog

Over the past few months I have become increasingly aware that my blog is vapid. It has developed (or regressed, perhaps) to a glorified photo album with the occasional quip or witty caption. My blog has become an obligation for friends and family; "I better check to see if the blog has been updated in case she references a photo. Ho-hum". Well, it stops here. Or, I rather hope it does anyway. I have some fairly substantial obstacles in writing a truly captivating blog. Many of the things I find ironic or interesting are off-limits in the realm of blogging.

Here is my list of blogging no-no's:
1. Work. - I work for the Health Region. When I started, I signed a Confidentiality Agreement. This means, if I write, speak, whisper, sing, chant, or otherwise write in code anything learned at work in the context of work will get me fired. Basically immediately. I love my job: the people I work with are great, my work is enjoyable, and it helps to support my shoe and cheesecake habits. I can't afford to lose it by utilizing my blog for the common "venting" that seems natural.
2. Uncharitable thoughts about people I know. - You're wondering who I could possibly have such uncharitable thoughts about, aren't you? Well I can't tell you. It may be someone you know, it may be your best friend, it may be your boss, it may be your coworker, it may be a family member. Hard to say. But Why would I wan you to be annoyed with me because I can't stand ___________? Exactly. Off limits. It's that lesson I learned in kindergarten: If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.
3. Other uncharitable thoughts. - If I'm annoyed, it sure can't come out here! Chances are the thing I'm annoyed about is something that you love and will therefore result in you ostracizing me. Neither of us want that.

So, with these sorts of limitations, I find I have only a few topics I can discuss:
1. Ollie. SO CUTE!!! Hahahaha, and while I KNOW you all love him, there are only so many times I can post pictures of him snoozing under a blanket, or wearing a cute t-shirt before I become the crazy person who treats her dog like a baby. And believe me, it's a slippery slope.
2. Brad. I'm fairly certain he doesn't read my blog often...and I can chance some embarrassing stories here and there.
3. Hobbies. UBER boring for anyone who is not interested in the same things as me.
4. Random anonymous anecdotes with peoples' names removed to protect me. I.e. "Don't you hate when A PERSON does SOMETHING really annoying?? Me too! It happened to me just THE OTHER DAY at THAT PLACE I WENT TO."
So, while I seem to be experiencing some rather substantial writers block, combined with some serious off-limit topics, I will be striving to write entertaining blog entries, if not for you then for me so I can actually want to blog again.
in the meantime, here is a photo of Peet, our budgie. She is dangling upside down by one foot in her cage, and looks like she's starting to doze off.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

A Christmas-y Weekend

It's a tradition in my family to not turn on the Christmas lights until December 1st. So, on December 2nd (whoops! TOTALLY forgot about the 1st) we turned on our house lights which Brad hung while I was in Halifax. In keeping with the theme of the tradition, I don't decorate the house until December. This weekend,. being the first weekend of the month, was the first weekend of Christmas-y tasks, including creating Christmas cards and decorating! Last night I sat down at my scrapbooking table and made 20 Christmas cards to deliver to friends, family and coworkers. I continued on today and have officially made 28, though I still have another 8 to make.
Today was our official decorating day as well! Brad and I did a clean of the living room and I put up our Christmas Tree, front and centre in the bay window so it can shine for all to see!

The next tasks inlude wrapping prezzies, buying stocking stuffers, and doing a lot of Christmas baking (though I think I'll be doing that at my parents' house when we get there!) The past few years I've been late in getting the Christmas spirit, but this year, well, I'm diving right on in!