Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Living in a Scrapbooker's Paradise

With the completion of the spare room downstairs, I was able to overtake the previous spare room and turn it fully into a scrapbooking room (ok, computer room too, but in all fairness, I do use the computer for scrapbooking sometimes). This is my new room! It's fine, you can be jealous. ;)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Project Spare Room: Success!

Today Brad finished up our spare room downstairs and we moved the bed and other furniture down into it! We now have a functioning, dedicated spare room for our guests! It's come a long way...(in case you don't remember what it looked like, here is the blog entry from January when we started the demolition).
Here is our finished product:
(please note, the bottom right framed picture is a piece of the wall paper we ripped can't just throw that stuff away! Tribute must be paid!)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Has it really been a year?

A year ago today Brad and I officially became husband and wife. It's hard to believe a full year has passed! It's been the best year of my life and I know we're both looking forward to years and years to come, knowing that we can face whatever comes our way.
Happy Anniversary, love!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Things I saw at Street Dance

The Swift Current Kinsmen and Kinettes put on an even each year in August called Street Dance. They cordon off a full block downtown, set up a stage, drink booths, and a tented area with tables and welcome the people of Swift Current to drink their faces off and generally be very silly. Brad and I went last night. I had finally gotten over a grinding headache and was more or less stone cold sober. This state of non-drunkenness gave me the opportunity to observe.

At 2010 Swift Current Street Dance I saw:
A man in red long johns
This particular guy was trying to climb up on the shoulders of many girls. I watched him try to balance and inevitably fall from the shoulders of at least three girls and one guy for about 20 minutes.

A man wearing a green and while bobsled uniform with a fanny pack

This guy is actually a friend of a friend. I don't feel like admitting that I know him.

A woman who was likely in her late 60's stumbling around drunkenly
I watched as this woman stumbled around and went up to a number of young guys to talk to them before stumbling away with who I can only assume was her husband (also reasonably drunk). Brad thinks she was easily in her 70s, but I'm putting 60s on the basis that if she has gone her whole life going as hard as she did last night, she may look much older than she actually is.

A man in a wedding dress
I don't really know what to say in particular about this man...he was wearing a wedding was funny.

A woman in her wedding dress (followed by the whole wedding party)
This group of people made me very sad. I can't figure out why you would go to Street Dance after your wedding. If you really have nothing else to do, go home. Furthermore, if you really truly MUST go to street dance, regardless of having just tied the knot, go home and CHANGE out of your wedding dress!! I specifically wore jeans and a t-shirt because they are easy to wash and I knew I was guaranteed to come home covered in spilt liquor and beer.

And quote of the night goes to Brad. As we were making our way out of the street dance area, we passed by a giant BBQ that was selling hot dogs and hamburgers. (Pure genius, actually). Brad had a double cheeseburger and I had a hot dog. I ate about half on the walk home and gave the other half to Brad. He, being slightly intoxicated, finished my hot dog and said "I wish life were like a video game and you could run around and find hot dogs in bushes and stuff". I laughed so hard I nearly fell off the sidewalk.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Colouring my thumb with a green marker

When we were in Smithers I found myself admiring my Mum's houseplants. I have not been known for having a green thumb. I always assumed this particular gene had skipped a generation with me as Mum (who has a very green thumb) has occassionally had to rescue the unlucky plants that came into my possession over the years. I have recently had three relatively successful years of flowers in the garden, though each year I plant these knowing I can always blame the Weather if they don't do well. My admiration for the greenery at my parent's place struck me and I resolved to buy some houseplants when I returned to Swift Current.
Yesterday I went to Walmart and bought three plants and fancy heavy pots (harder for Ollie to knock over). I repotted them when I got home and have crossed my fingers that they will not become yet another cautionary tale for plants entering my home.

Not quite what I had in mind...

I had heard there was a Victoria's Secret store opening in Edmonton this summer, so I thought perhaps their website might offer Canadian shipping, so I thought I'd take a peek. I typed in in hopes that the .ca portion would lead me to a Canadian version of the site. Apparently not. This is what opened:
I hope someone in their marketing department got a raise over this one.

Other Smithers Photos

Our arrival on Sunday afternoon. We drove to Prince George on Saturday which made for a quick final leg on Sunday.

Me getting my birthday prezzies! MUCH scrapbooking wares! How did she know??

Me and my buddy, chillin out one evening
Mum enjoying the dogs and proving that it is in fact, Books that tame the savage beasts.
Enjoying my kobo in the sun
Brad golfing at the Smithers Golf Course
Preparing for my last drive on the 18th hole
Me, completely amazed at the sweet drive I just did on the 18th hole
Brad and I hiked up to Twin Falls, which is a totally fantastic view and a really short hike.
Brad went right up to the falls and was totally soaked
The other falls at Twin Falls...always gets ignored because it's not as easy to get to

My Brother's Wedding in Photos

Frank and Christi got married in Smithers on July 31st, and it was pretty much the perfect day! The weather was gorgeous and hot, the ladies looked lovely, the men were handsome, and they said their vows with maybe just one or two little tears (I was just about sobbing). I'm so delighted for them!

(I threw this one in of me and Christi's bridesmaid Nicola who I totally hit it off with! Birds of a feather and all that!)