Saturday, April 21, 2012

Walk to Fight Arthritis

This year I was asked by a coworker to help organize the Swift Current Walk To Fight Arthritis.  I agreed to do whatever I could to help with the fundraiser.  I'll be doing the walk, but also looking after some of the organization aspects of the walk.  Arthritis is a bit of a big deal to me.  I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis when I was 3 and finally went into remission 13 years later.  While I'm still in remission, I do have some residual flare ups and issues, but as someone who accessed the services of the Arthritis Society for years, I know how important this organization is to the people they serve. 

So, the walk is on Sunday June 10th.  So I'm using my blog to gather some support.  If you are able to make a donation to my walk this is the link to my donation page.  But, if you live in Swift Current, it would be even more awesome if you could join the walk yourself! Here is the link for signing up for the walk: Register.
Thanks for your support!

Easter Long Weekend

Easter long weekend was especially long for me when I took an extra two days off, turning it into a 6 day weekend! Why did I do such a thing? Well, 6 day weekends are awesome for one, but more importantly, it was because we were expecting house guests! Mare, Jeremy and Thomas came to visit! They arrived on Thursday night which was earlier than they had originally thought because of the impending blizzard that was supposed to be coming across the prairies (we got a bit of snow, but nothing terribly severe, so I guess the panic was for naught) and stayed until Wednesday morning when the left for Calgary on their way home. 

In Walmart, a must for any Mare and Jess day.  Thomas is wearing the toque that I made him.
Yes, it has ears. :D

Making perogies as part of our Ukrainian Easter meal which included borscht, cabage rolls and perogies.  Needless to say, we ate till we were ready to die.
 Thomas playing with the teddy bear I knit for him
 On Monday we drove to Moose Jaw to go for a dip iin the mineral pools.  So relaxing and lots of fun.  I have yet to see a sad baby at the mineral pools, and Thomas definitely enjoyed himself.
Mare and Jer wanted a picture by the Swift Current sign, so we drove to the most accessible sign I knew of which is next to the property of a bed and breakfast in town.  If Jer looks distracted it would be because there was a 4 foot tall goose making some very angry goose noises being joined by a turkey who was also making some moderately angry turkey noises.  We took off pretty quick after this photo.
 The weather went from blizzard and cold and snow to beautiful and sunny,so we took advantage of the sun and went for a walk on the Chinook pathway. 
Ollie wasn't terribly sure of Thomas.  Probably because Thomas liked Ollie and would get excited and wave his fists which occassionally bopped Ollie in the nose.  Also, when he would try to pet him, he would actually grab a mitful of fur and pull a little bit.  Ollie is a bit of a wimp when it comes to this sort of thing, so he pretty much kept his distance.  He was still very curious about Thomas though and would get as close as he could while still feeling like he was a safe distance from those little hands.  Also, Thomas had great toys as far as Ollie was concerned...and he often had crackers and cheerios at his feet, so Ollie definitely became more adventurous towards the end of their stay.