Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's fun to be a fan!

Went to a Broncos game tonight with Alexis, and it was sweet! I always forget how much fun I have at WHL games, but tonight was awsome. Game 6 of the playoffs and we were 3 and 2 in the series. When we got there and took our seats, right behind Dono, he was wearing his JDWatt Diving Fan Club diving cap (Watt plays for the Regina Pats and everytime he falls he exagerates it and just dives, much to Dono's amusement). He handed extra diving caps to me and Alexis and we wore them all the way through the game right up to their 5-2 victory! The crowd had so much energy, it was contageous! My only complaint is that I can't hear out my right ear because Kurtis from the station had brought his snare drum and banged his little heart out through the whole game. Trent, who was doing the stand announcing, named Dono and his crew the best dressed fans for the night! Nice to help out the cause a little!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Thanks guy!

Last night, winding down after a long day, Brad and I were parked on the couch watching tv. Suddenly I heard a thumping. A rhythmic thumping. A suspiciously bass sounding, rythmic thumping. I got up and went to our living room window and stared into the street at a silver car parked next to our house with the bass booming. I stared for a few minutes at the car, certain that the living room was illuminating me quite clearly. I was hoping to make the person feel slightly uncomfortable. After a minute or so I made an exaggerated gesture, pointing down several times. Apparently buddy got the message because the sound faded drastically. So I gave him the thumbs up and went back to the couch.
Nice of the guy to listen to my complaint! So I just wanted to thank the annonymous person for respecting me and turning down the tunes.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Excuse me sir, your head seems to have disappeared up your ***

I'm just going to flat out complain here. Yesterday I was covering a court case that's become fairly high profile in Saskatchewan. Provincial television media had come to town to cover the case as well. We were in a scrum with the victim's mother and one of the reporters from Regina was unnecessarily rude to the rest of the media. Each time Vassy from the local tv station would begin to ask a quesiton, he would interupt her and talk louder and more forcefully so the interviewee would turn her attention to him.
That has got to be one of my biggest pet peeves. WHAT is the point? Everyone gets to ask their questions in the end, what does it matter if you don't get to ask them all at once in a 9 minute long run? What is the big deal? Why do some members of provincial media always feel like they have the right to come in and treat local media like garbage?
And this isn't the first time it's happened either. Dono told me he had a similar run in with the same reporter before. Everyone I've talked to has said the same thing. I remember a scrum in PG where provincial media had come to cover a story and a camera man literally shoved my mic out of the way of his. Honestly, is that necessary? My mic was not obstructing the sound to his mic. Let's not be dicks here.
I can only imagine it has something to do with the "big city" mentality. Yes, Swift Current is smaller than Regina. Undeniably. But does that mean that this reporter is better than me? No. More experienced for sure, but that doesn't give him the right to treat the other reporters like crap! We're all going to get the same audio, we're all going to get the same stories, and we're all going to leave at the same time. There is no excuse for being an ass.
There are, I'm sure, times when a reporter would need to muscle their way into a scrum and get their questions in before the interviewee makes a run for it, but that is CASE SPECIFIC, and a reporter should understand the difference between a high intensity interview and one where the person isn't going anywhere.
There is no excuse for being a jackass. We're all peers here, let's be respectful of each other.

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Great, The Good, and the WTF?!

It was another weekend of movies and relaxing, and no complaints from this girl!
Friday we had hopes of renting I Am Legend, No Country for Old Men, and Enchanted (guess who picked that one!). When we got to the video store the only one they had in was Enchanted (I win!), so we picked it up and put my name on a wait list for I Am Legend.
I'm not going to lie, I absolutely loved Enchanted. I may have teared up a little (feeling a little emmotional lately apparently), but mostly I just sat there smiling stupidly at the utter cuteness and high-powered sweetness. Loved it.
It was about 10:45 by the time we finished watching it and I stood up and said "Well, I'd say we aren't going to get a call about a copy of I Am Legend." I got a glass of water and then the phone rang. The video store calling to say they just got a copy of the dvd and did I want it tonight or tomorrow? We hurried down to the store and picked up the movie and came home to watch it.
I'm getting damn sick of zombie movies, but I have to say I really enjoyed this one. Wil Smith was incredible, and, as far as zombie-type scenarios, the plot seemed almost plausible. It was very well done, not terribly gory, but with a definite sad note to it.
I wish I could say that I enjoyed the movie we watched on Saturday night. We got home from coffee with Nick at 11 on Saturday night and I turned on the tv to see if there was anything on and Bram Stoker's Dracula was starting. I'm just going to come right out and say it; it was a terrible movie. First of all, Keanu Reeves had a speaking role with an "english" accent. I won't go into more detail about that attrocity. Otherwise the cast (including Gary Oldman and Anthony Hopkins) was promising. I'm sure they did the best they could with the script, which was weak at best. The whole film made me feel like it might make more sense if I were on some sort of mind-altering substance. It was confusing, contrived, and disconnected. Not to mention the random unexplained kissing scene between Winona Rider and Sadie Frost. So why did we watch the whole thing? It was so awful I couldn't turn it off...and I couldn't help but wonder if it would get better. I feel like they just hacked out whole scenes, but that those scenes were actually really important for the movie to make sense.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

We Spoke Too Soon

This morning I reluctantly got out of and stumbled into the living room to turn down the termostat and was startled by how bright the livingroom was. The room was lit from outside...that glow that only comes on a morning of fresh snowfall. I stopped in my tracks and stared outside to see the steady fall of heavy wet snow. Snow. Can I say it just once more? Snow.
I know it won't last, it's already 1 degree outside and it's just going to get warmer, but still...
And here I was so hopeful that we had gotten through the worst of the muck from the spring melt. Apparently there will be much more mud to deal with yet.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rise of the Power-Barbie!

Time to rant again!
I've noticed another disturbing trend lately. Somewhere along the way, it became cool to be dumb. A poor vocabulary and general ignorance has somehow become a point of pride and praise. I am completely boggled by this. I guess it ties into my other blog entry about how no one reads anymore.
The age of video games has taken over and being able to beat Guitar Hero III on the hardest setting gains more praise and admiration in pop culture than having a grasp on basic communication skills.
I find this most disturbing in girls, to be honest. Maybe because I'm afraid for the future of women. We seem to be transitioning into an era where women are admired for being hot and dumb. There's no need to be able to construct a proper sentence or complete basic math skills. Nope, not as long as your highlights are in season and your nails are done!
I'm by no means a feminist, I don't believe that women and men are equal in all ways* but I'm afraid that these Barbie-doll girls gracing the tv screen in reality tv are setting the bar both way too high and way too low for girls. Too high because the average girl can never achieve the too-skinny body type and level of extreme-primping these girls are admired for, and too low because they tell young women they don't need to use their brains. If you can get some collagen injected into your lips, why bother trying to improve intellectually? It sends young women a strong message: "Why try to better yourself on the inside if these power-Barbies can gain fame simply by being pretty and dumb?"
It's an interesting contradiction, since my favorite guilty pleasure tv shows are Beauty and the Geek and America's Next Top Model. To someone who hasn't watched Top Model, it might seem like it's just propogating the beauty over brains trend, and while there are definitely a few really really dumb girls, for the most part they tend to be fairly well rounded, and those who have nothing goin on upstairs are generally dismissed fairly quickly (thank god). And as far as Beauty and the Geek...well...there's a reason it's a "guilty" pleasure. I think it's somewhat of a morbid facination. Are there really truly girls out there who are that dumb? Apparently.

*While I am not a feminist, I do advocate respect for both genders and equal rights.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Thoughts on Being Alone

There is definitely something to be said for a Sunday consisting of nothing but lounging. Brad and I slept until almost 11 (the latest I've slept in ages) and then stayed in our pjs all day watching movies.
Which brings me to my ponderism of the day. We watched "Into the Wild" a true story about a guy who leaves everything behind, cuts up his ID, burns his money and disappears into the world on his way up to Alaska where he plans to live in the wild. His adventures and the people he meets on his way north are incredible and a really interesting story and the movie was really well done.
The thing that intrigues me is that this seems to be a relatively common dream for guys. For some reason, males in general seem to have some sort of instinctual urge to wander off into the wilderness and disappear for a while.
It's something I can't personally grasp. While I often feel the desire to purge my belongings, I never fantasize about vanishing entirely. I would hate to lose contact with my closest friends and family. I think the loneliness would depress me. Yet there seem to be a lot of men who find something intriguing about the disappearing act.
It makes very little sense to me. I found it interesting how at one point in the movie he has an epiphany that life and the experiences in life mean nothing without sharing them. Sort of interesting because that has long been my opinion about life. It was something I could relate to in an otherwise foreign personality type.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Another Guilty Pleasure....

In stark contrast to my previous blog entry about the reading deficit, I present to you my other guilty pleasures.
I love Beauty and the Geek. Yup. Reality TV at it's best (worst?). Dumber-than-dumb girls and tragically socially-inept guys all thrown together in a mansion. It's awful, it's mind-numbing, but I can't help but laugh hysterically at the things that come out of the mouths of those girls.
"I can't tell time. Seriously, the steps have been explained to me, but I just can't get it. I just stare at the clock."
"It's not that I'm dumb, I just don't know stuff."
"I'm not just beautiful, there's more to me than just a pretty face"
Not to mention the occupation titles some of the girls have. "Playboy model" "Daddy's girl"
And the guys...oh the guys.
One guy, when coming into a cat fight between two of the beauties said "I should have stepped in and stopped them from fighting...but I'm a coward, so I ran".
Then there's the guy who was described as a "Sweater-Vest Enthusiast". So endearing!
I could try to lessen my embarassment at enjoying this show by saying something that would help me save face, but what's the point? It's one of my shallow hours of tv a week. There aren't many, so why tip-toe around the semi-respectable shows when I can just cut right to the chase and delve into the worst there is?

Since When?

It's a growing trend and something that has been worrying me for some time now. I'm not talking about Global Warming (though that's obviously a big deal). No, I mean the steady decline in reading. People just don't seem to read anymore. I've run into a disturbingly high number of people who say "Oh, I don't read" when I mention some book or a movie adaptation from a book. It's remarkably tragic really, but it got me thinking as I looked over my bookshelf; I don't think I could count all of the books I've read in the past year (reading I can do, counting...not so much, haha!). I don't read to be better than anyone or smarter than anyone...I read because I love it.
I guess it's thanks to Mum. Some of it must be genetic, but it's more than that. Mum always made sure we had something to read. I remember her once telling me that she would always make an allowance for books. I have such fantastic memories of new books from the Scholastic Book Club summer reading packages and having new books for her to read to us every summer in the camper! Those are some of the best memories from my childhood and they just seem to have bled into my adulthood.
The love of reading is so strong that I actually find myself feeling despondent when I don't have a new intriguing book sitting on my nightstand waiting for me.
So what happened to everyone else? I have a handful of friends who love to read too (and we give books to each other as gifts on a regular basis), but that's about it. I've been told by a number of people that they don't have time to read, which is totally an excuse. If a book is good enough and really grabs you, there is always time to read.
Is reading just not cool anymore? Or is the emergence of the Wii and the dominance of computers to blame? Or do parents just not bother with the encouragement anymore?
Just some observations.

Monday, March 10, 2008


I was getting dressed on Saturday when the phone rang. It had Mare's phone number on the call display. This is unusual because she will just text me if she needs to talk and then I'll call her because I have a good long distance phone plan. It was at that moment that I totally knew why she was calling. We had about 15 seconds worth of "how's it going?" that seemed to last for several minutes while I waited for her to come out and say it. "He proposed!" And then I shrieked, and then I cried. Poor Brad was in the shower at the time and must have thought someone had died from the ammount of carrying on I was doing, but I couldn't help myself. I'm so happy for them both and can't wait for the wedding! Well done Jeremy! You couldn't have found a better woman!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Photos, finally!

When Mare touched down in Regina on February 27th, it was her first time in Saskatchewan. We hugged in the airport and cried and then immediately took a picture of the cry face.
After getting us lost in the ghetto of Regina (I'm talking around Mosaic Stadium), we grabbed chai lattes from Starbucks, some food from A&W and left for Swift. Obviously we made a quick stop at Mack the Moose in Moose Jaw before going home to Swift for some supper and wine!
Thursday we spend the day shopping and touring around Swift. We made a stop at Wal-Mart (obviously!) and tried on hats! Ha! We're so classy, I tell ya!

It was a solid day of shopping, as you can tell. I've never had so much luck finding sales and cute clothes!
Friday we went to the station and then to Urban Ground for some coffee beverages. We heart Urban Ground!
Continuing the tour around Swift, I took Mare down to the creek by Railway and Brad's Dad's place. It was such a nice day! So warm and mild and sunny!
That night we rented drank a lot of wine, watched What Not To Wear, Say Yes to the Dress, and chick flicks while eating brie and cheesecake! I can't think of a better way to spend a Friday night! (even though we did get a little emotional after the wine and chick flicks, but that's alright)
Saturday we literally didn't get out of our pjs until 3:30. Haha! Lazy day watching movies and talking. Then it was time to get ready to go out! We went for supper at the Akropol and then back to the house for some drinks...
...and then to the Shack! Ha!
Sunday was another lazy day watching movies and hanging around and Monday after work we took advantage of the wallpaper downstairs and our new hoodies (samesies!)...ok, it's a little overwhelming with the wallpaper, but if anyone can pull it off, I think we manage! Owls fo life, yo!
And then on Tuesday I worked in the morning and we drove to Regina to drop Mare off at the airport. We went for lunch at Moxie's (nicest Moxie's I've ever been to) and then to the airport where we learned Mare's flight was an hour delayed, so we hung out in the airport. I don't know what it is about Moose in Mountie Red Serge, but there seems to be one in ever city!
And then she left. I did so well and didn't cry until she hugged me goodbye. Then it was game over. Cryface and mascara stains.
A small price to pay for the best week ever! Miss you honey!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Mare and Jessica, together again!

Mare has been here since Wednesday, hence the lack of posts. Who could even turn on a computer when there's so much fun to be had?
So now a quick update: We've been power shopping, watching chick flicks, drinking wine, eating cheesecake, dancing at the Shack, enjoying BP's, and chilling out in our PJ's until 3pm. I can't think of anything that could have made these past five days any better!
Pictures will follow (believe me, they're gems!) shortly.
I hate to think that it's going to end I won't! I'm hereby blocking that thought from my head.